Voting Eligibility

In order to vote in Harnett County you must be: 

  • 1) at least 18 years of age*,
  • 2) a United States citizen,
  • 3) reside in Harnett County and your precinct at least 30 days prior to the election,
  • 4) must have cancelled any other voter registrations
  • 5) not be actively serving time for a felony conviction including any linked parole or probation, and
  • 6) be registered to vote in Harnett County at least 25 days prior to an election.

Same Day Registration is available at any early voting siteProof of residency is required.

Absentee Ballots may be requested at the Harnett County Board of Elections or on its website by the voter, a near relative, or qualified legal guardian.  The voter must sign and have two qualifying witnesses or one notary sign the return envelope.

Military Service Members:  

  • 1) Your voting residence is the state listed on your Leave and Earnings Statement (not to be confused with your "home of record" which is where you lived when you entered the military.) 
  • 2) Your state of legal residence does not automatically change when assigned a new duty location, but you have the option to establish residency each time you are transferred if you wish. Consult legal counsel first. 
  • 3) You can not vote in person at embassies, consulates, or military installations. 
  • 4) If you are not a legal resident of North Carolina, you may not vote here. Request an absentee ballot from the state of your legal residence.

Military Spouses and Eligible Family Members: Your state of legal residence may differ from that of your military spouse.  You must establish legal residency in North Carolina if you wish to vote here.  Otherwise, request an absentee ballot from your legal residency state.

College Voters:

  • 1) If you are planning on returning home to another county, request an absentee ballot from that county.   
  • 2) If you have no plans to return home after college, you may register in Harnett County; however, a valid local mailing address must be provided.

Misdemeanor Convictions:  You have not lost your right to vote.

Awaiting Trial for a Felony:  You are still eligible to vote.


*Those 17 years of age may vote in the 2022 primary elections if they will be 18 prior to the general election.