Stop WHO

Do you want an international board to make health decisions for you and your family?


from Stand for Freedom

The World Health Organization nations are negotiating an Agreement right now that would legally bind countries to act according to international consensus when a health emergency strikes.

Stand for Health Freedom is opposed to any policies that require US citizens to do something in the context of health simply because a supranational agency claims they must. We have seen the devastation that follows this type of decision-making when federal level policy is forced on states and local communities. The agreement proposed by the WHO would remove local control beyond the federal government and instead to a global level.

Health Freedom Advocates are for cooperation, but not for loss of sovereignty. The WHO is an international agency that should work for us, not the other way around, so we can strengthen our local and federal responses and resiliency in times of health emergencies.

Sovereignty is not only the cornerstone of individual human rights and civil liberties but also international law. Countries “decide which actions or measures take place within their territory—not other nation-states and certainly not third-party organizations such as the WHO.”[1]

One recent BMJ article described the system the WHO is forming as a “new global public health world order.”[2]

We do not yet know exactly what the WHO has in store for this agreement, but we can make educated guesses based on current agreements, policies, and internal analysis.

In short, the agreement will:

  • deeply compromise or otherwise destroy privacy at a global level;
  • funnel US tax dollars to a global agency that will use it to “enhance, update, and strengthen” its own ability to be a global health authority;
  • create an international structure for sharing dangerous pathogens and genetic information;
  • censor (or “cancel”) more and more voices for informed consent through “global coordinated actions to address the misinformation, disinformation, and stigmatization that undermine public health.”[3]


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