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If you didn't already know Roy Cooper was a hypocrite, now we've got more evidence. Settle in for this story:

In 1982, the Democrat-led General Assembly put a constitutional amendment on the ballot that would allow cities and towns to issue bonds without a voter referendum. Here's the ballot language that was rejected 82-18:

"FOR/AGAINST Constitutional amendment permitting the General Assembly to enact general laws permitting issuance of tax increment bonds, without voter approval.

"The Democrat-led General Assembly tried again in 1993, putting it on the ballot in hopes lower turnout would get the constitutional amendment passed. It was resoundingly rejected again 77-23:

"FOR/AGAINST Constitutional amendment permitting the General Assembly to enact general laws permitting issuance of bonds without a referendum to finance public projects associated with private industrial and commercial economic development projects, with the bonds to be secured in whole or in part by the additional revenues from taxes levied on the incremental value of the property in the territorial area.”

In 2003, the Democrat-led NCGA tried for a third time, putting it on the ballot in the 2004 election. This time, they used a ridiculously long and convoluted ballot language that didn't contain the phrase "not subject to a referendum" until they were 84 words in. It passed 51-49:

"FOR/AGAINST Constitutional amendment to promote local economic and community development projects by (i) permitting the General Assembly to enact general laws giving counties, cities, and towns the power to finance public improvements associated with qualified private economic and community improvements within development districts, as long as the financing is secured by the additional tax revenues resulting from the enhanced property value within the development district and is not secured by a pledge of the local government's faith and credit or general taxing authority, which financing is not subject to a referendum; and (ii) permitting the owners of property in the development district to agree to a minimum tax value for their property, which is binding on future owners as long as the development district is in existence."

Democrats couldn't get it past the voters twice, so they put convoluted language on the ballot meant to confuse voters and got it through. The ballot language was challenged in court and here's what Cooper said as Attorney General defending the language on the ballot:

"The North Carolina Supreme Court has made clear that all aspects of the manner in which a proposed constitutional amendment is put before the voters is within the control of the General Assembly... The power given to the General Assembly to submit amendments to the people is a general and unrestricted one, in the sense that they may, without any limitation, prescribe the method by which this shall be done – in other words, the procedure throughout, and from beginning to end. Read v. City of Durham, 173 N.C. 668, 675, 92 S.E. 712, 715 (1917)."

AMAZING, isn't it? He even went on to say that the courts should give deference to state legislatures when writing ballot language. Today, he's arguing the exact opposite. What changed? He. Got Power. If it serves his best interests, Cooper's in.

You want to show Cooper what power means? Vote. Donate. Volunteer. Send a message to Roy Cooper that you will not be intimidated by his suppressive tactics this November. Thanks.

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