Harnett GOP Celebrates Labor Day

Labor Day is about paying tribute to what makes our nation great: the determination, innovation and ingenuity of hardworking Americans. 
Today we celebrate the tradition of hard work that built this nation, this state and Harnett County.  America's economic leadership in the world is a testament to our workforce in the fields, factories, offices, schools and stores all across the country. North Carolina’s Republican led General Assembly has allowed for more people to go back to work with the creation of new jobs due to the decrease of burdensome regulations. Harnett County’s community atmosphere has us as one of the fastest growing counties in the state due to our dedicated and skilled workforce. 
Under President Trump and Republican leadership, more than three million new jobs have been created and we have the lowest unemployment rate in 18 years. 
Republicans will continue fighting on behalf of American workers and for policies that will make our nation, state and county strong and prosperous.
On behalf of the entire Harnett County GOP, we wish you all a Happy Labor Day.