NC Covid Legislation Action Request

H558 NEW CALL TO ACTION - 4/29/21

We are hearing that the 5 REPUBLICAN chairs of the House Health Committee are planning to GUT H558 in Committee, stripping it down to Section 1 alone which offers NO protection against private sector injection mandates and NO protection against government injection or passport mandates AFTER State of Emergency ends.

Section 1 alone offers no protections that are not already provided to us under 21 US Code.

We need ALL NORTH CAROLINIANS to call the 5 Chairs of the Health Committee along with Speaker Tim Moore and ask them to go on record. See their contact info below.

"Do you support HB558 in its entirety, including the amendment that offers businesses liability protection against Covid 19 OR do you only support the stripped down version (Section 1 only) that offers us ZERO protections against private sector and ZERO protections against government mandates after State of Emergency is over."

 Kristin Baker: 919-733-5861
 Donny Lambeth: 919-733-5747
 Larry Potts: 919-715-0873
 Wayne Sasser: 919-733-5908
 Donna White: 919-733-5605
 Speaker Tim Moore: 919-733-3451


From North Carolina Citizens for Constitutional Rights