Critical Race Theory Coming to NC

"The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next."

-Abraham Lincoln

Critical Race Theory is a dangerous Marxist ideology that aims to divide and destroy our country.

          * It was approved by the State Board of Education just a few months ago to be incorporated in new K-12 curriculum.

          * Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson is taking steps to fight back against school indoctrination, but

          * the Biden Administration is showing that it aims to push CRT into schools across the country.


Please check out the articles below and be sure to register for our Education Reform guest speaker event on May 1 to learn more and find out what you can do to protect our students from this harmful ideology.


* Critical Race Theory is a Marxist ideology that has infiltrated our public institutions including our public schools. Read Christopher Rufo's article, "How to Fight Critical Race Theory" for background on the ideology and what can be done to combat it.


*In February the NC State Board of Education passed a new set of K-12 history standards which will indoctrinate students with CRT. Read this RedState article, "North Carolina Public Schools Join a Racial Revolution- of a Critical Kind" to learn more.


*Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson has initiated a task force to root out the racist CRT doctrine in schools. Read this Federalist article, "North Carolina Lieutenant Governor Forms Task Force to Root Out Left Wing Indoctrination in Government Schools" to learn how you can make your voice heard.


*The Biden Administration backs CRT and aims to push it into US schools. Read this National Review article, "Biden Set to Push Critical Race Theory on US Schools" to understand the importance of states acting now to protect our students from CRT in the classroom.


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