Upcoming Elections and You

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The upcoming elections will be our opportunity to ensure that Conservative values are upheld.  Please review the listing of upcoming elections for 2021 and 2022 and engage with the Republicans who currently are in office (in black type).  Ask them if they plan to run again.  Support them if you agree with their policies, work on their campaigns, donate money, get involved. 

If you believe that you are a better representative of Conservatism, consider running for office yourself. That's what primaries are for--determining the best conservative.  We need true Republicans, not RINOs, to fill all positions. (Candidates are listed in red type.)

Don't wait until election day to decide who you will vote for; the time to start investigating is now.  As Republican candidates launch their campaigns and inform us, we will list them on our website with links to their sites.

Elections in 2021 (Municipal):


  • Loru Boyer Hawley (R), Commissioner, Ward 1
  • Mike Hill (R), Commissioner, Ward 3
  • George Price, Jr (R), Commissioner, Ward 4*special election


  • Chris Coats (R), Mayor                             
  • Seeking Republican candidate, Commissioner                             
  • Seeking Republican candidate, Commissioner                             
  • John Raynor (R), Commissioner                             

Dunn:  (None until 2023)

Erwin:  (Due to the delay in the Federal Census & redistricting, Erwin's elections will be held in 2022).

  • Candidate Randy Baker for Mayor                             
  • Seeking Republican Candidate, Commissioner, Ward 1
  • Seeking Republican candidate, Commissioner, Ward 3
  • Randy Baker (R), Commissioner, Ward 5


  • Seeking Republican Candidate, Mayor                             
  • Seeking Republican Candidate, Commissioner                             
  • Seeking Republican Candidate, Commissioner

Elections in 2022 (Federal, State, County):

US Senator: Republican Candidates to date:  Primary March 8, 2022

  • Rep. Ted Budd, click here.
  • Gov. Pat McCrory, click here.
  • Rep. Mark Walker, click here.                                                              

US House of Representatives:

  • David Rouzer (R), District 7
  • Richard Hudson (R), District 8

North Carolina:

  • Jim Burgin (R), State Senator, District 12
  • Howard Penny (R), Representative, District 53
  • John Sauls (R), Representative, District 51
  • Larry Strickland (R), Representative, District 28
  • NC Supreme Court Candidates (3 candidates for two seats) Primary March 8, 2022
  • NC Court of Appeals (5 Candidates for 4 seats) Primary March 8, 2022

Harnett County Board of Commissioners:                                   

  • Seeking Republican Candidate, Commissioner, District 1                                                      
  • Mark Johnson (R), Commissioner, District 2                                                       

Harnett County Board of Education:

  • Donald Godfrey (R), Vice-Chair, District 5                                                       
  • Seeking Republican Candidate, Board Member, District 1                                                        
  • Jason Lemons (R), Board Member, District 3                                                       

Harnett County:

  • Clerk of Court:  Renee Whittenton                                                  
  • Sheriff:  Wayne Coats (R)                                                             
  • Soil & Water Supervisors: Jeff Turlington, Erica Gallion