WE, the Assembled Members of the Harnett County Republican Party, firmly believing that the Rights of Man derive from a Divine Creator, are moved to Declare and Publish these as Our Conservative Principles:

1) Human life beings at conception and the protection thereof is a primary function of government;

2) Marriage is a sacred institution between one man and one woman, and the state should sanction no other form of union;

3) That government is best which governs least;

4) Taxes are a form of confiscation and should be no higher than needed for the necessary and effective operations of government;

5) Government budget increases should not, as a general rule, exceed the inflation the inflation rate and/or the growth in population;

6) Government indebtedness at all levels should be reduced;

7) Free enterprise should be encouraged and government-supported or sponsored entities not created if an acceptable free market alternative exists;

8) Economic development policy should focus on decreased taxes and less government regulation;

9) Honesty and integrity, are vital to good government, and we condemn corruption by public officials and call for prosecution of wrongdoing whenever and wherever found;

10) Illegal immigration is a crisis and actions should be taken to secure the borders, to prevent illegal aliens from receiving non- emergency benefits, and to prohibit illegal aliens from receiving in-state tuition at NC institutions of higher education;

11) Terrorism requires the use of every legitimate means to pursue and eliminate the terrorist threat at home and abroad; and,

12) While all peaceful solutions to world problems should be pursued, we completely support the American military and its mission to defend freedom and fight global terror.

Approved by the Harnett County Republican
Party in Convention on March 10, 2007