Oppose Amnesty Now

Tell Republicans to oppose Budget Reconciliation bill that could grant amnesty to 8 million illegal aliens!

Congress is back in session this week and and will soon consider the Democrats' massive $3.5 trillion budget reconciliation bill. The Democrats are attempting to attach a massive amnesty for an estimated 8 million illegal aliens, plus modest increases in green cards. If they are successful, the legislation would include:

  • amnesty for approximately 3 million illegal aliens eligible for either the DREAM Act or the DACA executive amnesty;
  • amnesty for approximately 5.6 million illegal "essential workers", including those who hold jobs in construction, farming, food service, landscaping, and more;
  • amnesty for an estimated 320,000 individuals who have received Temporary Protected Status;
  • amnesty for an estimated 150,000 individuals who have received Deferred Enforced Departure;
  • waivers to ensure everyone possible is able to receive an amnesty;
  • an enforcement freeze to ensure that eligible illegal aliens are not apprehended or deported;
  • a recapture of so-called "unused" family or employment visas to be given to new foreign workers; and
  • automatic diversity lottery visas for any alien who, during the Trump era, was denied their lottery visa, prevented from seeking admission, or denied admission due to Trump's proclamations or COVID restrictions or limitations.

 Click here for an important, short, amnesty commercial from Numbers USA for some frightening figures.

Clearly, this is a terrible bill that would have a lasting impact on the United States and American workers. Please send a message to your Republican Member(s) of Congress and urge him/her to oppose the reconciliation bill if it includes this massive amnesty and increase in legal immigration.

Senator Richard Burr, (202) 224-3154

Senator Thom Tillis, (202) 224-6342

District 7:  Representative David Rouzer, (202) 225-2731 (D.C.),  (919) 938-3040 (Four Oaks, NC)

District 8:  Representative Richard Hudson (202) 225-3715 (D.C.)  (704) 786-1612 (Concord, NC)