How to Fight CRT and SEL

Powerful livestream from Parents Defending Education August 25, 2021 designed to arm YOU as your kids and those in your community head back to school.  It is full of practical and timely back to school tips and information from the PDE team, including:

  •  concrete examples of problematic curriculum and what to look for;
  •  “red flag words” and the importance of asking your school to define their terms;
  • difference between the character education of the past and today’s “social emotional learning”;
  • school surveys and how they’re being used to collect information about students, gauge school climate, and develop diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) training; and
  • practical tips for finding key areas of common ground with school administrators, teachers, and others involved in your child’s education.

They also answered specific questions submitted by real parents such as, “Can parents of school children opt out of ‘woke’ curriculum?” and “How do we keep up with the ever-changing language being used by radical activists?”

(Move the time bar to 07:30 to save some time)