Fly the FLAG

Wouldn't it be wonderful to blanket Harnett County with our flag? Show your USA pride! Fly the FLAG

Is the younger generation unknowingly being taught to hate our country?  With curriculums such as the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory (spun as Equity, Diversity & Inclusion training) being widely adopted nation wide, we need to show our youth that it is okay to love our Country and to be proud to be an American.
Is the next generation being convinced that we need a new flag; one that stands for inclusion not "exclusion"?  And besides, 51 or 52 stars won't fit.  Are they being brainwashed so that when they are old enough to vote a new flag design will seem best?  Remember the Obama flag?  How much better in future eyes that would be instead of the old, tired, and racist Stars and Stripes!  Far fetched?  Well, the USA has an Olympian athlete who wants to burn the Flag if she wins a gold medal.
Heaven help us!
One small thing we can do right now is to fly Old Glory. Imagine the power of blanketing Hartnett County with the Flag of the USA.  Think of the visual effect that would have on everyone.  Think how much more beautiful Harnett County would be with such a display of patriotism.
We can make that happen.  Show your pride in the USA. Fly the Flag everyday.
To understand how to properly display the Flag, click here