Election Officers Needed

We need Republicans as election officers to make certain the election laws as legislated by the State are being followed.

From:  FreedomWorks "Election Integrity Tool Kit"

"...We need activists who care about well-run elections to be on the inside of the elections process. This is our foray into the left’s arena. Personnel is policy, and we need the strongest activists to step up and serve their communities as elections officers..."   

"Below the county boards of elections (one for each county) come the precinct-level elections officers--like you, hopefully. Every precinct in the county has people working to administer the voting in that precinct. These officers of elections are the people who make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible: checking people in, verifying they are in fact able to vote, preventing any disruptions, and ensuring that all relevant state laws are followed.

Each Election Day, officers of elections answer questions and make decisions that matter. Questions like:

  • Why isn’t this voter on the list? 
  • Does this voter need to cast a provisional ballot? 
  • Are multiple election workers attending to those who
    are voting curbside?

The outcomes of situations like this not only can affect the results of close elections, but also can determine whether voters themselves have confidence in the system. This is the heart of election integrity.

Although disputed elections sometimes generate headlines for ending up in courts or in the offices of Secretaries of State, the reality is that the vast majority of disputes over election processes do not rise to that level; they are handled by the people who staff the polling places on Election Day and in the weeks leading up to Election Day, in early voting and in processing mail in ballots. Elections officers play the key role in ensuring the validity of each vote and the integrity of elections.

What many people do not know is that when a ballot is cast, it is counted--period. By the time problems reach beyond the
walls of the polling place, it is often too late. The advantage of well trained elections officers is that they can handle problems before they become problems.

...Believe it or not, election administration is an area that has historically been understaffed and underfunded. The left is familiar with this game; we need our people on the inside. All the more reason to get involved today."

How to Become an Election Chief Judge or Judge

In Harnett County, each Party Chair (Republican & Democrat) submits four names per precinct to the Harnett County Board of Elections--two for Chief Judge, two for Judge. The HCBE then considers the nominees and appoints people to fill the positions.  If names aren't submitted, the HCBE then appoints whomever they can find (they may even be from outside of our County). 

Your Precinct Chairs have been asked to submit names for each precinct.  If you are interested in being nominated, there are some criteria specifications.  Please go to the "About " tab on our website and choose "Harnett GOP Leadership."  Contact information for your Precinct's Chair is listed, so please call them today to receive additional information.  There is an early August deadline for submitting the nominees to the Board of Elections.

These positions are paid and require training.  Working on computers is necessary for these positions.


Election workers and poll watchers are also needed, but that is a matter for a later article.