Become an Election Officer

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We need Republicans as election officers to make certain the election laws as legislated by the State are being followed.

In Harnett County, each Party Chair (Republican & Democrat) submits four names per precinct to the Harnett County Board of Elections--two for Chief Judge, two for Judge. The HCBE then considers the nominees and appoints people to fill the positions.  If names aren't submitted, the HCBE then appoints whomever they can find (they may not even be Republicans nor live in our County).

Your Precinct Chairs have been asked to submit names for each precinct.  If you are interested in being nominated, there are some criteria specifications.  Please go to the "About " tab on our website and choose "Harnett GOP Leadership."  Contact information for your Precinct's Chair is listed, so please call them today to receive additional information.  There is an early August deadline for submitting the nominees to the Board of Elections.

These positions are paid and require training.  Working on computers is necessary for these positions.

Please also read "Election Officers Needed" under the "News" tab on this website.